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Custom Torch Work


These custom made artistic or scientific glass pieces are made your to requirements by William C Pfeffer through a process called lamp-working. Lamp-working is a trade dated back to the Egyptians and can creates highly detailed and extremely colorful art or high value Lab ware. William has been working with glass since he was sixteen years old (2004), "When I was 16 I begged my mom for a torch, and to my surprise that year for Christmas she got one! I've been teaching myself since then. Along the way Justin from Two Kings Glass (Makes Rafts signed by Kyle Gaus from the D) taught me a few tricks and I learn a bit from Frank M. in the beginning. I've been developing never before seen art and complex lab-ware for my Online Catalogue releasing in mid 2014. "


Custom work to order

Quotes take 5 minutes to an hour and payment is managed by Pay Pal. Get a Quote below.


Heres some Ideas!

Bottles, Jars, Pipes, Ornaments, Animals and much much more!


Custom Bottles are a great way to promote new food items or upcoming Alcoholic Beverages I work with you to prototype your Signature Bottle, and help you to find the best quotes to put it in to production. The bottles are then the original WCP seal.


Jewelery to match any heart just let me know what they like


Custom Ornaments are a great way to say "I Love You" around the holidays I can put anything inside a Flying Orb like you see above. I also make icicles and many other designs.


Pipes & Water Pipes What ever you can think of I can make. Text me your designs and I'll text you a price.


Lab ware, send a schematic

Animals and objects, Send a photo and a size.


Visit My Galley page for more images.

All other custom ideas send a drawling or call me.


We ship once the order is done we will notify you upon completions, (before 4pm est.)

Finished Torch Work


Flying Flower orb