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Lamp working is like melting frozen honey, releasing a glow of gravity's flow, into reflections of your soul.

People ask me how I got in to glass. I always liked looking at glass and finding the world inside the glass. When I was 16 years old I asked my mother if I could start creating glass objects. After several safety talks and a lot of begging, she got me a torch and some glass for Christmas. I was so existed I hooked it up in my basement with no ventilation. (warning: never run a glass torch in a small enclosed area with no ventilation) Luckily I was found and more safety explained. Safety quickly became my first priority.

I moved the shop into the bottom of our barn, it was well ventilated and had a lot of space to work in. After a couple years of light practice I move to Allentown with, my girlfriend at the time, Dani B. and worked out of a shop on turner st. Special thanks to the Riccardi family for my first digital kiln and the times we had.


Back then I was making mostly small things and jewelry. I starting learning from Frank in Quaker town. I was going 1 to 2 lessons a week for a little over 3 moths. Frank was a very smart and clam person. He almost didn’t teach me because of a joke answering message, that sounded very chaotic. Thank you Frank for changing your mind.


My family, Dani and I went to California for vacation a few weeks after getting back I broke up with Dani and moved back home. We built a new pole barn and I set up a brand new shop. I stated putting all my time and money into glass and music with the goal of turning it into a full time profession.



In 2008 Subliming Sensations became a company. I started making glass for friends and family. I was working full time while building Subliming Sensations and my glass working skills. I practiced a lot and did my first craft show at Governor wolfs historical center in Bath. I developed my WCP Original Flying Flower Orbs and a few other originals.



In 2009 Custom glass was added to the mix. Now people could order their own ideas and I would entertain them while making what they ordered. I had a lot of my friends coming over just to watch. Lamp working is like melting frozen honey, releasing a glow of gravity's flow, into refections of your soul. So having the person there would help me to reflect there ideas and in turn in become a show.

Later that year I met Justin from Two Kings Glass. Justin taut me how to etch glass and few other cool and crucial construction techniques to building more complex objects. Justin taught me about public demonstrations of lamp working and pairing it with music.


Later that year a windstorm knocked over our old garage, nearly onto my shop. So Me and 10 of my friends picked it up and moved it to the barn yard while we built the new garage, which is now my current home shop. I continue to find other shops around the world who welcome me.


Subliming Sensations Live Custom Glass started in 2010 as an entertainment company to promote William C Pfeffer’s glass demonstrations at fairs and festivals. Jason Martin partnered with his company, J Martin Design (a artistry woodworking shop), shortly after, taking the role of sales man and promoter. Subliming Sensations and J Martin Design traveled to many places including;
Blue Ridge Farmers Market
Hometown Farmers Market
Shawnee Farmers Market
Plainfield Farmers Fair
100s of Biker Event and Private Parties
Trade Show

We learned how real life promoting and marketing worked and how to generate a following. It was simple love people and people will love and follow you. We made so many new friends and their friends became our fans and then eventually our friends as well. We learned this world will reflect to you what you give it by a thousand folds. We started BarnFest a yearly thank you to everyone involved in our success. Don’t get me wrong we weren’t rich yet but the love was their and growing. We turned our barn into an open Mic BYOB until the “township” cough (local bars) cough shut us down, for posting events on Face-book. We continue to hold parties weekly and considering we can’t call it a donation to build an art center, if you like our parties you may put money in a jar and forget it there.




Along the way my brother Taylor, Nick Cerniglia, Adam B., Chris B. Juli B., Emily H., Zair M. and many others started following me to shows. Some would play music while I sung and worked the torch. Others would help to sell thing as I performed. It became a like mini traveling circus.



I made it into several papers and ads. We found fairs that put us in the ad had larger outcomes. So I started gathering keys for my new business model. Public and private events could hire me to come out to demo and sell, or they could hire me like you would a face painter at flat fee per hour and the small glass is free. At the same time, I would send my friends out to vend at other fairs or markets. Corporate party and Trade shows started hiring us for advertising. We would make penitents with their companies logo and the year on it, then hand them out to the public. Thing where getting better everyday.

So we started to travel farther. Zair and I hit up Saturdays Market, and York Farmers Market in York PA. We traveled to farmers markets and cafes in Belvedere NJ, and Coffee fests in Bucks county PA. Bars started to hire me for glass shows, and combo shows with music or Places in states like Maryland and Florida started calling us about shows and I starting a following with my original music.
More about Music:


In 2014 me and all my talented friends formed Subliming Sensations Live Custom Entertainment. We started offering clowns, music, balloons, face painting, and a lot more.


I updated my website and partnered with the valleys leading publications to provide advertising services to the public. I started printing to provide fans with the same great business cards as me. I started adverting and planning events for maximum exposer. Not only did this improve my following, I got excellent responses from others and the fairs themselves. Thing keep moving forward in the best ways possible.


I am currently working on my online store, and planing for this year. My Brother and I will be doing combo show together this year as well.



Definition of Subliming

sub·lime  (sə-blīm′)



1. Characterized by nobility; majestic.
a. Of high spiritual, moral, or intellectual worth.
b. Not to be excelled; supreme.

3. Inspiring awe; impressive.
4. Archaic Raised aloft; set high.
5. Obsolete Of lofty appearance or bearing; haughty: "not terrible,/That I should fear . .. /But solemn and sublime" (John Milton).



1. Something sublime.
2. An ultimate example.

v. sub·limed, sub·lim·ing, sub·limes

1. To render sublime.
2. Chemistry To cause to sublimate.

v.intr. Chemistry

To sublimate.

[French, from Old French, sublimated, from Latin sublīmis, uplifted.]


sub·lime′ly adv.

sub·lime′ness, sub·lim′i·ty (sə-blĭm′ĭ-tē) n.


The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.









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