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High Heat Stamps


These Stamps are made custom to your needs through a proses developed by William C Pfeffer called Carbon Impressing. Carbon Impressing creates highly detailed Impressions in less then an hour. The stamps will wood burn, leather burn, lay ink, imprint food, imprint wax, imprint hot metal, or imprint soap with your image. The Stamp is made of pure carbon and can withstand heat higher then 4500F. The stamp is attached to a threaded steal handle. Ask about wooden handles in the comments below.


Quotes take 5 minutes to an hour and payment is managed by Pay Pal. Get a Quote below.



For Wood, Wax, Food, and Soap


Great for Wood Burning, wood workers and leather workers use this tool to burn logos or signature.

Great for Melting Wax and Soap, Soap makers and candle makers use this tool to melt logos or signature.

Great for Food, ask us about food safe Coatings for the stamps. Cooks use this tool for imprinting logos or signature in candies and chocolate.

You may use a torch, hot plate or coals to heat your stamp. The stamps hold heat well so you may do multiple burns or melts in one pass.


For Metal and Brass Tools


Great For Metal shops and blacksmiths, This tool will imprint hot metal with little force.

Brass Tools, We cast Brass tool with the same detail. Ask us about brass tools in the comments below

The tools ship the business same day (before 4pm est.)



High Heat Stamp


Finished High Heat Stamps


Subliming Sensarion Hight Heat Stamp





High heat Stamp