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For Booking call: (484)-546-9508

Face Paint and Body Art:


For the kids or for the kid in you, we’ve got you covered, in paint!

Actually we’ve got you covered in skin art. Our pallets consist of bold brilliant cosmetic skin safe colors and textures that are made to be on the skin and not on a canvas. Our artists come armed with amazing imagination, ability, all the tools, and excitement you need to color your event from every angle! Insuring you and your guests not only a wonderful fun piece of art to go home with, but one they will [most certainly] have a hard time losing!



Have a theme to run with? We’re on it!

Want shiny? Sparkly? Bold? Classic? Dainty? WILD? Classy? Retro?
Need to glow under a Black-Light? We’ve got it!

Enjoy being a living piece of art! Sport one or many, completely individual hand “painted” pieces. Whether it be full face painting for your little one who wants to be a puppy or a sweet [completely and easily washable] tattoo of all their favorite things, we’ve got you covered!

Perfect addition to your next:

-Birthday Party
-Fund Raiser
-Concert Event
-Business Launch
-Company Picnic
-Adult Party
-You name it!


This is an art form that requires a HIGH level of on the spot creativity in action so Wait Not! Contact us now to start planning!


Public Events (Fairs, Fest, etc.)


We've been at this a long time so we know what make an event work right. We choose to provide our services to those who follow the guidelines first. The reason being it generates; Inspired Crowds, Happy People, Lasting Impact on Memory for next year.


Don't worry if your event is missing one or more of the guidelines we can help you get it, or work around it.


1. We Require that your event is professionally advertised including us in the Ad! We'll provide you with our logo, images, Sound bites or any other information you'll need.

(Radio, Paper, Mail, TV or Web)


2. Providing more then one Attraction will inspire your crowd to stay longer. (Music, Glass Demo, Face painter, Magic show, Etc.)


3. Providing a booklet or website with a list of Events, Contests, Attractions and vendors to the public will improve your turn out.


4. Having an Event Map makes it easy for people to navigate your event which will improves your turn out.