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Welcome to Subliming Sensations I'm William C Pfeffer, people call me Billy. I grew up in PA, I am a glassblower and entertainer. I travel around the world with my friends entertaining and creating art everywhere we go.




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Our featured Entertainers


WCP - Live Glass Performer and Musician

William has been in the Morning Call and on TV. He has received letters of congratulations from PA officials and senators. William has taking PA and NJ by, storm of fire, lighting people up with inspiration everywhere he goes. His Live Glass Shows have been deemed an attraction by his peers and fans come from far away just to see him work! William has many one of a kind originals, and his glass art is world renown.

William is a dedicated musical entertainer as well with over 50 original songs and hours of covers.

Taylor - Musician, Clown, Face painter, Balloonamator, and stilts


Taylor is an adaptive entertainer ranging in skills from Music to Face Painting. He is a well known artist in NJ and NY. Taylor brings a following with his charming attitude and free spirt. Taylor is an excellent character so you may know him already and don’t realize it.




Julie - Musician, Clown, Face painter, Balloonamator, and stilts

Julie is an flexible entertainer her skills span from Music to Clowning. Julie has a following within her smile alone. She has done many events in NJ, PA, and NY. Julie is an excellent addition to any event.




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Our Mission


Its our goal to provide an excellences in entrainment!


We stride to create a custom experience built around you.

With a multitude of entertainers anything is possible. From large events to Private Party we'll build an attraction to fit.


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We partnered with the Vally's leading publications to provide advertising services for your event or business. From area code mailing to radio ads we have it handled start to finish.


Custom Service (Glass, Wood, Web, Graphic, Signs, Recording)!


In my life I've learn a lot! If you know I do it, or if your just wondering if I do. Ask me and I'll quote you for the job.






Subliming Sensations Find me at
1434 Knox Ave #4, Easton, PA.

Phone: 484-546-9508
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